Wave Layered Timber

WLT® (Wave Layered Timber) is
Timber construction developed in Finland
an innovation that gives almost unlimited
the possibilities of various wooden structures for planning. Patented method
works without glue and additives.

NOVE Concept

Innovation in sustainable wood construction

Solid wood non-glued construction technology - Scalable structure suitable for different types of wood - Enables strong curved shapes - Low production costs - Easy manufacturing, transport and installation

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Zil Residences

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Zil Residences

NOVE Concept

Pioneer of circular economy and green construction

  • The use of local wood and production increases energy efficiency.
  • We also use low-quality, recycled and waste wood.
  • Decomposable for reuse and recycling, Design for Deconstruction.
  • WLT does not create hazardous waste and the wooden structures act as a carbon sink.
  • Small carbon footprint in line with EU and UN climate goals.

Assemble piece by piece or use prefabricated elements

  • The self-tightening structure does not require nails or glue.
  • The manufacturer optimizes the wooden profiles and tensioning rods.
  • Very strong and load-bearing structures.
  • Suitable for e.g. for yard construction, bridges and buildings of different sizes.
  • Availability through WLT license manufacturers.
  • Compact and strong structure with a top class load capacity.
  • Also enables curved shapes and structures easily.
  • Healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • WLT structures can also be dismantled and moved.
  • Construction does not require expertise.
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The materials for WLT are supplied by Novenberg

WLT offers an ecological, economical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to more traditional glue-based solutions, even for demanding buildings and challenging locations. WLT supports a number of installation methods, from a piece-by-piece approach to the installation of larger prefabricated elements that are fabricated on site. WLT enables a dense, homogeneous, massive wood structure without chemical additives and is widely scalable. It can be used on thick or thin, curved or straight structures and is suitable for most types and species of wood, including the use of recycled material.

The "one material principle" of WLT construction technology combines structural and insulating functions while creating ready-to-use exterior and interior surfaces. Perhaps the most unique feature of WLT is the ability to have fully visible, seamless structures and infinitely variable curved shapes. This celebration of the natural beauty of wood materials combined with an ingenious construction method supports the creativity of builders, engineers and architects.

WLT is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and requires simple tooling, providing a viable way to supply EWPs to small and medium producers such as local sawmills or carpenters. WLT unlocks a significant part of the potential of existing wood entrepreneurs and material supply chains and introduces a new approach to the future of wood construction. WLT® holds two patents and is a registered trademark since 2018. The WLT product is about simplicity, durability and endless possibilities. It is the forward-looking, environmentally friendly "Lego" of the construction industry.

Patented wood product

WLT® is a globally registered trademark.

The European Patent of the European Patent Office has been granted.

• There are 12 registered patents and shape protectors.

• Two patent application processes are underway.

Patent, product verification and certification information is managed by WLT Capital Oy. WLT Capital sells licenses and support services for the production of WLT, and focuses on the continuous development of WLT products and production methods.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Starting production

• Initial investments for WLT factory production are low.

• About 50% in relation to a CLT production facility with an annual production of 5000 m3.

• Personnel costs are also about 50% lower compared to CLT production plant.

• The initial investments of WLT small production are non-existent

• WLT products can be manufactured and sold, for example, for yard construction without product certificates or certificates.

• WLT Capital Oy's product development aims towards a certified building system.

WLT® Database and service concept

Building System as a Service (BSaaS) is a comprehensive digital service for WLT license holders and users, managed by WLT Capital Oy.

The digital platform enables the sharing of the results of continuous product development, efficient customer service and quickly scalable, managed business.

Through the WLT database, license manufacturers have access to patent information, product cards, product certifications, certificates, plans, CO2 counters and modeling solutions, brochure materials, networks, administrative documents, etc.
Dashboard mockup

WLT Projects

Huopalahti's old train station, a new natural residential building

Apartment building, 2-story and free-standing kiosk and workspace together. Pre-made WLT wall and floor elements, 240 / 200mm, pine.

Helsinki, Finland 2022

A private vacation spot in the old town

A pilot project of a local wood shop. On site WLT assembly piece by piece, walls 150 mm, mix of local woods.

Jakarta, Indonesia 2022

Pinewood Guesthouse

A boutique bed-and-breakfast concept - horses, forest, berry and mushroom picking. On-site WLT assembly piece-by-piece, walls 200mm, Scots Pine

Mäntsälä, Finland 2022


5 to 15m arch bridges for light traffic and pedestrian use. On-site WLT assembly, 150 and 200mm

Suomi, eri lokaatioita 2017-2021

Kanerva kindergarten, living with nature approach for 3-6 year-olds

Curved WLT wall, half circle of 12m diameter. On site WLT assembly, wall and floor structures, 150 / 200mm, Scots Pine

Toholampi, Finland 2019

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